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3.5’’ Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Item No. TTCT035017
Type G+F+F
Thickness 1.22mm adjustable
Operating Voltage 3.3ⅴ adjustable
Operating Current 2.5mA-10mA Depends on IC
External Dimension 55.80*101.13mm
View Area Dimension 50.56*81.46mm
Active Area Dimension 49.96*74.44mm
Sensitivity 100±30¢ 6 contact rod
Interface I2C,USB
Connection of TSP and IC COF or COB
Transparency ≥80% depends on the quantity of layers
Haze ≤2.5% depends on the quantity of layers
Surface coating Anti-Fingerprint、Anti-Smeary、Anti-Reflection etc.
Storage Temperature -15℃~40℃ ,<90%RH;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness -20℃~40℃ ,<90%RH ;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness ≥5H
TSP ESD Level ≧100 000 000 Times
Application Cellphone
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